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Why does your business need a custom domain name?
it is important because, unless you expect to do very little business on the internet, you won't be up with the 'other guys'.

Isn't a domain name useless?
No! And here's why..

Increases your name recognition
Makes it easy for customers to remember your web address by thinking of your business name
Shows you are up on the internet as a World Wide Web Internet Business.
Protects your Internet advertising investment when your Internet Service Provider fails you
Allows your Internet Address to go with you because You Own It.

How do you get a domain name?
We register it for you! You can either purchase a domain name for $35.00 for a year or $70.00, good for the first two years. We offer registration included in a package deal with banner, website, advertisement, and hosting for a year. Renewal is $35.00 for each successive year.

Choosing a domain name
Many of the best names (one-word domain names) have been taken. But don't let that discourage you. You can still identify your business clearly by either making a single word (i.e., yourbusinessname.com) or a hyphenated word (i.e. your-businessname.com) To find out which domains are taken and which are still available, contact us.

What name should you choose?
One which is:

Something everyone will remember
Short and/or popular
Something easy to spell
Easy to pronounce
Directly related to either your business's name or core field

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